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Introducing Virtual Team Stores

ATTENTION COACHES, Team Moms (and Dads): Alleghany Tees introduces a new tool for the chore of organizing team apparel purchases – Virtual Team Stores!  We can help you organize your team and fan apparel purchases, taking away much of the challenge of herding players and parents toward a group purchase. 


Virtual Team Stores allow you to personalize your store front with team logos, a banner to display important images or messages and room for your own description of the store purpose and other information.  You have total control over the messaging.

And... you can set store closing deadlines to help corral orders to meet printing deadlines.


You can display any number of garment choices, limited only by your time, imagination and ability to reach printing minimums for each print impression.


Garment color and ink color changes are also possible to display in the garment details.


The store also help manage personalizations on garments, such as player names and numbers.


Finally, checking out is a breeze for your parents. The site handles all of the payment details, using PayPal for payment processing, including credit and debit cards. 

We can offer several fulfillment options including pick-up or shipping, all handled through the store.

Typically, garments will be printed within 10 business days of the store closing and available to your players, parents and fans.

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